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Rubber GasketsENA Advanced Rubber Technologies is a recognized global leader in the manufacturing custom OEM rubber gaskets. We began producing custom gaskets over 30 years ago for the automotive and motorcycle industries, and today our markets and customer base for high precision, close-tolerance complex rubber gaskets have grown and diversified substantially. That said, ENA still remains a worldwide leader in the production of auto and motorcycle gaskets, particularly engine and oil pan gasket sets - products where top quality and precision parts is still top priority.

ENA currently produces custom gaskets at all four manufacturing facilities throughout Asia. As true with all of our custom rubber products, we have complete manufacturing control of our rubber gaskets as we formulate all of our rubber compounds in-house and produce all of our tooling. ENA also maintains the broadest range of compression molding presses in Asia, with presses up to 900 tons capable of producing gaskets up to 1.3 meters in diameter (roughly 4.2 feet). In addition to solid rubber gaskets, ENA has a core competency in manufacturing over-molded metal gaskets and beaded or bonded rubber-to-metal elastomer flat metal gaskets.

ENA is known for offering very low cost tooling and unsurpassed lead times on rubber gaskets. In addition to producing parts from the customer's existing drawings or prints, we welcome samples and will reverse engineer your parts. Due to extensive engineering and tooling departments at all factories, we are highly efficient and responsive in taking your parts from concept/quotation to production.

Gasket ProductionManufacturing of rubber gaskets in China factory. ENA produce large quantities of rubber gaskets at all four of our factories. Rubber gaskets are a core competency for ENA and a sizable segment of our business.
Gasket QCThis photo shows some very large rubber gaskets that ENA produces. Pictured here, ENA Quality Control technicians (red jackets) have visited the production floors and randomly pulled sample gaskets for detailed examination and quality review in one of our QC labs. All rubber gaskets manufacturing by ENA are 100% visually inspected by factory workers and systematically and randomly tested by QC technicians in compliance with our ISO and TS certifications.
Gasket PressFactory worker removes newly molded rubber gaskets from press at South Vietnam factory. Production workers will remove excess flashing from products right at the press on the production line. Following, gaskets will be transferred to trimming and de-flashing departments for detailed trimming. Finally, the products will be sent to QC departments for visual inspection and random lab testing before being packaged and shipped to customer.

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Deflash GasketsRubber gasket in ENA trimming and de-flashing department. From here all gasket products will be transferred to our Quality Control Inspections department.
Deflash GasketsTypical inspection area for rubber gaskets at an ENA factory.
Main PhotoENA produces a diverse range of rubber gasket products, from small to large, and from a wide range of custom rubber compounds and formulations. ENA's specializes in close tolerance, hard-to-produce custom gaskets in a wide range of materials.

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