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Steel Forging

Steel Forgings

In 2008, ENA Advanced Rubber Technologies established a new steel forgings manufacturing facility. This new facility is located in close proximity to the ENA’s North Vietnam rubber factory and was created primarily to produce high-quality forged steel parts and components for ENA’s major motorcycle and scooter customer base throughout Asia, namely Suzuki and Yamaha and scores of scooter manufacturers. Since the establishment of the forgings facility, ENA has rapidly expanded its core competencies and production of steel forged parts to a much more diverse marketplace other than the motorcycle industry. ENA can now proudly boast an increased capability and capacity to produce rubber-to-metal bonded parts using high quality steel forged components, which complements our existing capabilities to work with metal stamped and CNC machined parts.

Forgings Factory

ENA’s capital investment in the new forgings operation was substantial and continues to grow (over $3.8 million USD so far). The facility includes 32,000 square feet of production floor space and an additional 12,000 square feet of engineering and tooling space. ENA recruited and retained some of the forgings industry’s most qualified manufacturing managers and tooling engineers to launch the new forgings factory. All forgings equipment and presses in the facility are the most modern state-of-art machines available today. ENA is committed to its forgings operations and will continue to expand and invest in this business unit per customer demand.

Our presses range in size from 100 to 1,000 tons and capable of short, medium and long production runs. Following is a description of typical forgings production machinery at our Vietnam factory:

  • Automated steel rod cutting machines
  • Billet Heaters
  • Steel Brush machines
  • 100 Ton forging presses
  • 200 Ton forging presses
  • 1,000 Ton high-speed forging presses
  • Shot B
  • Shot blasting and Finishing machinery
  • Plus more secondary operations and quality control inspection machinery
Steel rod cutting machine

Steel rod cutting machine.

Billet Heater

Billet heater.

100-ton forgings press

100-ton forgings press.

200-ton forgings press

200-ton forgings press.

1,000-ton forgings press

1,000-ton forgings press

Steel Brush Machine

Steel Brush machine.

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