Custom OEM Rubber Molded Products & Parts

ENA Advanced Rubber Technologies specializes in the production of complex, hard-to-produce custom OEM rubber parts. Our capabilities extend from manufacturing rubber balls less than 0.03125 inches in diameter to creating custom silicone rubber-to-metal bonded parts with threaded inserts up to 4.2 feet in diameter. We excel at producing challenging components that low-cost region manufacturers struggle with. Our expertise includes odd-sized o-rings with Teflon coatings, high or low-temperature custom seals, intricate rubber over-molded metal parts like engine or oil pan gaskets, and parts in hard-to-produce durometers. We also offer re-engineering services to optimize parts for specific applications.

While we deliver millions of standard rubber parts like o-rings, gaskets, grommets, and stoppers, our specialty lies in providing complex, high-precision components. Many of our customers initially approach us for our ability to produce custom parts that other suppliers find difficult. Once they experience our reliability and dependability, they continue sourcing their common parts from us as well. If your organization is looking to consolidate vendors, ENA is an ideal supplier as we have advanced custom capabilities along with the capacity to produce simple, standard rubber parts.

Our success in delivering highly custom parts is attributed to our comprehensive capabilities that include in-house tooling, primary and secondary rubber compounding, on-site metal forming, CNC milling, and metal stamping. By offering a complete range of services under one roof, we ensure efficient and streamlined production processes, resulting in high-quality custom OEM rubber parts.

ENA Advanced Rubber Technologies is your reliable supplier for highly custom or complex rubber parts and assemblies. Contact us today to explore how we can assist you in meeting your requirements.