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ENA Advanced Rubber Technologies has been producing o-rings since 1978. While we are a leading supplier of stock off-the-shelf AS568B size o-rings, our true expertise lies in manufacturing custom engineered o-ring products. Whether it’s challenging sizes or complex rubber formulations, we excel in delivering hard-to-produce o-rings. Our capabilities extend to providing secondary services like Teflon coatings and “two-color” rings.

At ENA, we prioritize advanced machinery and equipment for secondary operations and maintain strict quality control measures. Our Cryogenic Nitrogen De-Flashing and Stone Tumbling machines ensure precise finishing and optimal surface quality for o-rings and rubber parts.

With numerous o-ring manufacturers and suppliers worldwide, ENA stands apart with our unwavering commitment to quality and custom engineered parts. We go beyond simply offering low-cost options by providing advanced capabilities that meet critical application requirements. Count on ENA for the highest quality and consistent o-ring parts, backed by our guarantee. If you’re facing challenges with existing parts or suppliers, contact us for reliable solutions. Experience excellence with ENA Advanced Rubber Technologies.

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ENA maintains highly advanced presses and molding machines capable of producing very small o-rings in high volumes to very large o-ring (up to 4′ in diameter) in short to medium runs. ENA’s specialty is hard-to-produce custom 0-rings and o-rings with secondary operations (i.e. Teflon coating, striping, etc.)

Diaphragms China

O-ring production area.

Inspect Viton 2010-12-08

Workers in o-ring trimming and de-flashing department work on special run of Viton and red Silicone 0-rings.

Inspect 100% 100% visual inspection of every o-ring produced at our factories for defects. O-rings are also pulled from production lines by Quality Control engineers for more detailed random testing in our QC labs in compliance with our ISO and TS certifications. ENA implements special Quality Assurance initiatives set forth by specific request of the customers as well.
Inspect Silicone

Specialty 0-rings being examined (Silicone with groove)

Custom Engineered O-rings

No matter how small the o-ring or how many parts are produced, every 0-ring will undergo 100% visual quality inspection.

DOSS Automatic Inspection Machine

DOSS Automatic Inspection Machines are utilized at all ENA factories for inspection of o-rings – our machines can inspect and provide data on up to 30,000 o-rings per hour.

Doss Report 2010-12-08

Typical Quality Inspection report produced by Automatic DOSS Inspection Machine. This machine checks for critical dimensions, surface contaminants or defects, and many other quality features of the final product.

O-Ring Microscope

Quality Control Engineers systematically and randomly pull o-rings from production floor and take to QC lab for detailed inspection. Here, QC technician reviews large o-ring under high-powered microscope. This data is recording and documented in compliance with ISO and TS requirements, ENA policies and customer requests in many instances.

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