Quality Control

Quality Control is the top priority at ENA Advanced Rubber Technologies. Our facilities utilize  comprehensive quality control programs that begins with the design of our tools and the validation of raw materials. Our extensive QC procedures ensure consistent parts that meet specifications every time.

ENA’s commitment to quality extends from primary and secondary compounding to production, handling, and packaging. Our manufacturing facilities adhere to ISO and TS certifications, documenting and treating all parts accordingly. With advanced investments in quality control equipment and technology, such as Rheometers, DOSS Automated Visual Inspection Machines, Micro-Vu dimensional measuring instrumentation, and Digital Micro Hardness testers, we maintain a competitive advantage.

Unlike industry standard practice, all parts produced at our manufacturing facilities undergo 100% visual inspection. Moreover, our Quality Control engineers regularly take random samples from the production floor for detailed computerized dimensional and material compound analysis in our test labs.

ENA is highly responsive to customer requests for material certification or compliance requirements. We have extensive knowledge and capabilities to meet or exceed various material certifications and compliance approvals, including but not limited to:

ASTM International
Factory Mutual Systems
ISO 9001:2000 Certified