Elastomer Flat Metal Gaskets

Elastomer flat metal gaskets are essential seals used in applications that require high temperatures and pressures, making rubber or plain elastomer gaskets unsuitable. These gaskets also fill irregularities between machine surfaces when compressed. Commonly found in automotive engine sealing applications like oil pan gaskets or engine valve manifolds, elastomer flat metal gaskets ensure effective sealing.

With decades of experience in manufacturing elastomer flat metal gaskets for the OEM marketplace and automotive aftermarket, ENA Advanced Rubber Technologies possesses unparalleled expertise in designing and producing these products. As a leading rubber molder in Asia, we have in-house capabilities for producing metal-stamped and fabricated parts, along with extensive knowledge in bonded rubber-to-metal processes. This enables us to manufacture a wide range of high-quality elastomer flat metal gaskets to meet your specific application requirements. Additionally, we have advanced technologies for producing complex elastomer flat gaskets bonded to plastics, incorporating mounting inserts and other secondary operations and features.

ENA stands out as a custom molder specializing in complex, hard-to-produce rubber parts, making us highly skilled in designing and manufacturing elastomer flat metal gaskets. We offer competitive pricing, expertise in manufacturing processes, and a deep understanding of the markets and applications. Get in touch with our sales representatives to explore our production capabilities and how we can support your needs.