ENA Advanced Rubber Technologies is a global, Asia-based supplier of custom OEM rubber products. With over 40 years of experience, we produce high -quality, precision custom parts for a wide range of applications.

About ENA Advanced Rubber Technologies

Brand new State-of-the-Art manufacturing
facitlity in China opened in October, 2009

ENA Advanced Rubber Technologies includes five state-of-the-art rubber molding manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, China, and Vietnam. Each facility is equipped with comprehensive Tool Engineering and Material Compounding capabilities. We also have forging, stamping, injection molding and metal fabrication operations in our Vietnam facilities, providing the necessary metal parts for bonded rubber-to-metal components and elastomer flat metal gaskets. Additionally, ENA maintains a full-service Sales/Customer Service office and Warehouse/Distribution center in Raleigh, NC to better serve our expanding North American customer base.

Choose ENA Advanced Rubber Technologies for advanced rubber manufacturing solutions across multiple global locations. Contact us today to benefit from our expertise and comprehensive services.

All of our factories are ISO9001, ISO 14001, IATF 16949 and TS 16949 certified.

About ENA Advanced Rubber Technologies

ENA Advanced Rubber Technologies has several key advantages over typical Asia-based custom rubber suppliers. Firstly, we have in-house Primary and Secondary Compounding capabilities, unlike most competitors who outsource this process. By importing raw rubber materials from trusted sources in Taiwan, Europe, and the United States, we ensure consistent, high-quality parts for our customers.

Secondly, our In-House Tooling capabilities are unrivaled. With experienced tooling engineers and cutting-edge facilities in Asia, we boast the lowest tooling cost and fastest turnaround time in the industry. We prioritize quality tools as the foundation for quality parts, offering regular maintenance programs to our customers. We even provide zero-cost tooling for medium-to-high volume parts.

ENA excels in delivering highly custom, complex parts, particularly bonded rubber-to-metal components, intricate gaskets, and parts requiring custom compounds or formulations. While we can manufacture high-volume standard parts, our strength lies in critical, close-tolerance custom parts that other low-cost region suppliers struggle to produce. Customers often choose ENA for challenging parts and also source standard commodity parts, such as o-rings, from us as a value-added service. We specialize in bonded rubber-to-metal parts and maintain in-house metal stamping and forging operations, ensuring tight manufacturing control and quality of the metal components used.

ENA offers advanced automated computer technologies for reverse engineering, creating drawings, and developing tooling. We can assist customers in improving designs to meet specific application requirements.

Above all, our attention to Quality Control sets us apart. Our factories have the most advanced inspection equipment, procedures, and policies among Asia-based rubber molders. We prioritize consistent and reliable solutions for our customers’ rubber requirements. Every part undergoes 100% inspection by certified Quality Control Technicians and random inspections by QC engineers in high-tech test labs, complying with ISO and TS processes.

In summary, ENA Advanced Rubber Technologies provides comprehensive solutions for OEMs’ unique sealing needs and custom parts. We offer competitive products that meet customer requirements while upholding the highest standards of quality assurance throughout our manufacturing processes. Trust ENA as the best source for custom-molded rubber parts and components worldwide.