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Custom OEM Rubber Molded Products & PartsA core competency of ENA Advanced Rubber Technologies is the production of complex, hard-to-produce custom OEM parts. ENA has a reputation of being able to produce difficult parts that typical low-cost region manufacturers are unable to produce. For example, we have capacities to produce a diverse range of parts from rubber balls less than 1/32 inches in diameter to highly custom silicone rubber-to-metal bonded parts with threaded inserts up to 4.2 feet in diameter. Other examples would include odd sized o-rings with Teflon coatings, parts in hard to produce durometers, custom seals for high or low temperatures, or complex rubber over-molded metal parts such as engine or oil pans gaskets. ENA also has the technologies and resources to assist you re-engineer a part to better serve your particular application.

Of course, ENA produces millions upon millions of standard "run-of-the-mill" rubber parts such as o-rings, gaskets, grommets, stoppers, etc., but where we really excel is in our ability to produce complex, high-precision parts. In fact, most our ENA's customer initially come to us for our ability to produce custom parts that other suppliers have trouble with, then they began to source the more common parts as a value added source who is reliable and dependable, across the board. If vendor reduction is an initiative of your organization, ENA is an excellent potential supplier as we have advanced custom capabilities, yet we have high production equipment and capabilities to produce simple, standard rubber parts as well.

There are several good reasons why we are successful in highly custom parts. First, our in-house tooling capabilities are unsurpassed in the rubber industry, particularly of Asia-based rubber manufacturers. We have highly advanced tool engineers and tooling centers at all four manufacturing facilities. We employ over 70 skilled tool engineers. Second, we are one of the few Primary and Secondary rubber compounders in Asia. We can produce nearly any rubber formulation you specify in-house. Third, we maintain extensive metal forming machinery in-house including millions of dollars of investment in state-of-the-art CNC milling machines, metal stamping presses, and a brand new steel forging operation in our North Vietnam facility. Fourth, we are a supplier to a large and highly diversified marketplace. ENA supplies parts to the automotive industry to the high-tech medical and dental markets (and everywhere in between)!

If you need a reliable supplier of highly custom or complex rubber parts and/or assemblies, please contact ENA Advanced Rubber Technologies today - we can help you.

Custom OEM Rubber Molded Products & Parts ENA has over 200 rubber molding presses from small to large capable of the broadest range of parts in the marketplace. ENA has the largest presses in China (900 Tons) capable of producing custom parts up to 4.2 feet in diameter.
Custom OEM Rubber Molded Products & Parts ENA has extensive metal forming machinery at all 4 manufacturing facilities including metal stamping machines, state-of-the-art CNC machines, screw machines and a full range of steel forging presses. Our metal forming equipment allows us to be highly competitive and efficient at rubber-to-metal bonded parts and metal over-molded parts such as automotive gaskets.
Custom OEM Rubber Molded Products & Parts ENA has both Primary and Secondary Compounding capability in-house to meet the exact rubber formulation of your parts. Hard to produce durometers, special coatings such as Teflon, ultra-smooth parts (stone tumbled), etc. are just a few of the many custom manufacturing capabilities ENA is very proud of.
Tooling QC ENA is highly advanced in the production of tooling. We have unsurpassed tooling operations in comparison to typical low-cost region rubber suppliers. With over 70 tooling engineers, and state-of-the-art machinery at all four factories, we can create tooling very rapidly and at very low costs for your custom rubber parts.  Pictured here, an ENA tooling engineer inspects o-ring tool as part of scheduled maintenance program.

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