Boots and Bellows

Boots and BellowsENA Advanced Rubber Technologies has been manufacturing rubber boots and bellows since 1978. We produce boots and bellows in many, many sizes and types, and of many different rubber compounds and durometers. We specialize in hard-to-produce, complex shapes and styles of boots and bellows.

Generally, rubber boots and bellows are types of seals with a series of convolutions commonly used in applications to protect equipment or parts from dust, debris, moisture, or other forms of environmental contamination. Most commonly our products are used where there is a stroke, rod or range of movement in the application (dynamic sealing).

ENA Advanced Rubber Technologies is perhaps one of the largest producers of rubber boots and bellows to the motorcycle and scooter industry in Asia and Europe. Our customers include the largest names in the motorcycle and scooter markets. Through the years, we have expanded our customer base significantly for boots and bellows to include a diverse customer base spread over many diverse markets.

We manufacturer boots and bellows at all four of our factories and have the capacities to compound our own rubber material and produce all of our own tooling in-house, providing for total quality control of our parts. We produce our products using compression, injection or transfer molding techniques depending on the type of parts. With full control over material compounding and tooling, we are able to respond very rapidly to new tooling, first article parts and ultimately new production parts.

Whether you have an existing part and seek better service, delivery and/or pricing, or if you are designing a new part for a new application, ENA is highly proficient and experienced in the production of boots and bellow and can help you.

Boot Production Vietnam Rubber boots/bellows production area in China factory.
Inspection and Triming Department Inspection and Triming department at China factory. Workers inspect every rubber boot/bellow 100%.
Rubber Boots/Bellows Production Area Rubber boots/bellows production area at Taiwan factory.
Boot Quality Inspection Inspection and Triming department at Taiwan factory.
Bellows Bellows Bellows

ENA manufactures boots/bellows in all shapes and styles.

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