Rubber Tubing and Extrusions

Rubber Tubing and ExtrusionsIn 2009, ENA Advanced Rubber Technologies made a substantial investment in extrusion machinery and operations to produce unreinforced rubber tubing. We are currently producing rubber tubing in both inch and metric dimensions. All of our rubber tubing is produced specific to customer orders. We have capability to produce OEM specific cut-lengths pieces or to run long continuous lengths which are packaged in coils in boxes or coiled on spools.

Being unreinforced (non-braided) tubing, our products are used for low pressure general purpose transfer of water, air and other fluids compatible with our rubber compounds. ENA is a highly advanced primary and secondary compounder or rubber materials, and we can therefore produce rubber tubing out of specific material meeting the OEM's particular requirement.

As with all rubber products manufactured by ENA, our rubber tubing is produced at ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS-16949 certified factories. All rubber tubing produced at our facilities is subject to stringent quality standards and inspections as is true with all of our products.

Typical OEM Applications
  • Contractor air hose lines
  • Automotive and Motorcycle fuel lines
  • HVAC
  • Agricultural machinery and sprayers
  • Pump systems and equipment
  • Dispensing machinery
  • General transfer of liquids
  • Plus more…
Rubber Tubing and ExtrusionsENA can produce rubber tubing in custom ID and OD sizes. All tubing produced by ENA is made custom to specific customer requirements. We can supply bulk lengths and coils or short cut-to-length pieces.
Rubber Tubing and ExtrusionsENA has made a substantial investment in rubber tubing extruders and compounding machinery. We can create custom tools and mandrels to create any size hose you require. In addition to tubing shapes, we can produce custom shapes and moldings per your drawing or print.

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