Oil Seals

Custom OEM Oil SealsENA Advanced Rubber Technologies has over 25 years experience manufacturing custom OEM oil seals. Our engineered oil seal products have been specified in many diverse markets and applications throughout the world - from Hydraulics, to Power Transmission, to Automotive, to Aerospace. ENA employees a team of highly specialized engineers and seal designers dedicated to the design and production of custom oil seals to meet your critical application.

The function of an oil seal or shaft seal is to prevent the leakage of oil or other media between a moving shaft and a stationary component. The design of an oil seal will determine the pressure it can withstand. Oil seals dimension is determined by its shaft Diameter, Bore Diameter and Seal Height. ENA can reproduce your existing oil seal per print and very competitive pricing levels, or we can assist you in designing a new oil seal for your product and application provided we are given detailed operating parameters and conditions.

ENA has oil seal and specialty shaft seal manufacturing capabilities at all four manufacturing facilities (Taiwan, China, North Vietnam and South Vietnam). In 2009, ENA announced the grand opening of a brand new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in China, with advanced manufacturing capabilities for oil seal production. We made significant investments in specialized presses and equipment for oil seal production at this facility (pictured below). ENA has substantial capabilities for the production of metallic parts and components at all of its manufacturing locations. We are also highly competent in rubber-to-metal bonding. Our specialized presses, metal fabrication capabilities, rubber-to-metal bonding capabilities, coupled with our advanced compounding competencies provide for turn-key solutions to your oil seal products.

Oil Seals ENA can produce a diverse range of oil seal to meet your particular application. We work with many different metals in-house and have metal stamping, extensive CNC machining and even steel forging operations. We are the most technologically advanced supplier of rubber-to-metal bonded parts in Asia, and we are specialist in the compounding of raw rubber materials.
Oil Seals A diverse range of oil seals with special metal formed housings and rings.
Oil Seal Presses ENA Salesman from North America office and ENA engineer in China examine and inspect newly purchased, highly specialized oil seal presses at ENA's new state-of-the-art production facility in China. These presses provide for multiple tools and functions for the production of custom oil seals. ENA continues to invest not only in advanced oil seal production machinery, but in all aspects of equipment for production of custom rubber parts.
Custom OEM Oil Seals Typical manufacturing cells for rubber parts being produced which will eventually be used in oil seal production (Vietnam).
Custom OEM Oil Seals Oil seal production area (China).

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