About ENA Advanced Rubber Technologies

ENA Advanced Rubber Technologies is a global, Asia-based manufacturer of custom OEM molded rubber products. We have been in business manufacturing high precision custom rubber parts for over 30 years.

ENA Advanced Rubber Technologies maintains 5 rubber molding manufacturing facilities throughout Taiwan, China, North Vietnam and South Vietnam with full service Tool Engineering and Material Compounding capabilities at each factory. ENA operates a forgings, stamping and general metal fabrication operations at both Vietnam facilities for supplying our factories with metal parts used in the production of bonded rubber-to-metal parts and elastomer flat metal gaskets. In addition, ENA maintains a USA-based full-service Sales/Customer Service office and Warehouse/Distribution warehouse in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA which was established in the Spring, 2010 to support our growing North American customer base. About ENA Advanced Rubber Technologies
Brand new State-of-the-Art manufacturing facitlity in China opened in October, 2009

All of our factories are ISO:9001-2008 and ISO/TS-16949 certified. ENA employees over 1,600 employees, and maintains roughly 2 million square feet of manufacturing space worldwide.

ENA has core competencies in the following products:

  • Wide range of "Custom" OEM rubber molded parts
  • Rubber Gaskets
  • Rubber-to-Metal Bonded parts
  • Elastomer Flat Metal Gaskets
  • Oil Seals
  • Boots and Bellows
  • O-rings
  • Diaphragms
  • Rubber Tubing
  • Steel Forgings
About ENA Advanced Rubber Technologies

ENA has major advantages over typical Asia-based custom rubber suppliers. One notable advantage is our in-house Primary and Secondary Compounding capabilities. Most competitors outsource primary compounded materials. ENA imports 100% of our raw rubber material from Taiwan, Europe and the United States. We do not use China or local raw material suppliers, ensuring high quality, consistent parts for our customers. A second major advantage is our unsurpassed In-House Tooling capabilities. ENA has the most experienced tooling engineers and state-of-the-art tool design facilities in Asia, and perhaps globally. We have tooling operations at all 5 of our factories and implement regular tool maintenance programs for our customers.

We believe quality parts start with quality tools. We are proud to have the lowest tooling cost and fastest turn-around time on tool design in the industry. In medium-to-high volume parts, we offer zero cost tooling.

ENA's core competency and competitive strength is in the production of highly custom, complex parts. This includes complex and close tolerance parts, bonded rubber-to-metal, intricate gaskets, and parts requiring custom compounds or rubber formulations. Although we do have the capacity to produce high volume standard parts (such as standard or stock o-rings), our real strength is highly critical, close tolerance hard to produce custom parts and components. Many customers come to ENA for parts that other LCR (Low Cost Region) suppliers do not have the capacity or technologies to produce, and they purchase the "run-of-the-mill" commodity parts (o-rings) from us as a value added service. A particular competency at ENA is bonded rubber-to-metal parts. ENA maintains metal stamping and forgings operations in-house, so we have very tight manufacturing and quality control of metal parts used in our rubber bonding operations. Regarding o-rings, ENA is highly competitive on more custom o-ring parts including odd or hard to produce sizes, special materials and secondary treatments such as Teflon coatings.

ENA has the capability to reverse engineer and create drawings and tooling through advanced automated computer technologies. We can assist the customer in making improved designs to meet specific application requirements.

Perhaps the most important advantage to you, the customer, in doing business with ENA is our attention and focus on Quality Control. ENA has the most advanced quality inspection equipment, procedures and policies in place of any other Asia based rubber molder. By far, this is our key advantage and the reason our customers remain loyal to ENA. We provide consistent and reliable solutions to your rubber requirements. All of our parts are 100% inspected by certified Quality Control Technicians and randomly inspected by QC engineers in high-tech test labs in compliance with our ISO and TS processes.

In sum, ENA provides comprehensive solutions to the unique and specialized sealing needs and custom parts for the Original Equipment Manufacturer. We offer complete and competitive products to fulfill customer requirements while placing the highest importance on quality assurance throughout all of our manufacturing processes, ensuring that ENA remains the best source for custom molded rubber parts and components worldwide.

International Organization For Standardization ISO: 9001-2008 ISO/TS 16949:2009

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